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“We put ourselves out there”

Over time, the team has strengthened with the takeover of important family figures, consolidating the certainty of an excellent product by exposing themselves personally.



Giorgio Gnocchi
Giorgio Gnocchi, CEO of Gnocchi, born in 1979 as C.R. when with his father Mario, as well as founder of the company, he began the construction of cylindrical pins for molds. In 1985 he decided to specialize in precision grinding and in 1996 he expanded the company by acquiring a new warehouse and increasing machinery and tools. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills and his competence and attention to quality and precision, he brings Gnocchi to be known throughout the national territory.
Daniela Malerba administrative manager, after attending the postgraduate school, decided to join the company by adding the appropriate knowledge to her job by attending a three-year period as a company technician. She supports you, Giorgio, Marco and Alberto in the decisions for the development of the company.
Marco Gnocchi, 27 years old, showed a great passion for mechanical work from a young age. Among his characteristics distinguishes him a strong dedication to work and a strong mentality aimed at technological and structural renewal. After his studies, he decided to join the company specializing in the use and programming of machinery and tools for quality control.
Alberto Gnocchi, 23 years old, has already demonstrated a propensity for logic subjects when he was in school, leading him to develop his knowledge and skills in the field of organization and logistics. To date, he collaborates with his brother in business management and development, implementing his knowledge by studying economics at the university.