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Choosing the right event helps to innovate and have new stimuli


We were present at the 12th edition of “The Exhibition of Mechanics of Excellence”

Thanks for participating, we will see you at the next edition with other great news!

20-21-22-FEBRUARY 2020

Supplier Offered, an initiative born in 2009 from the need of the territorial engineering district to “create a system” and develop new and closer relationships within the same production chain, realizes, with increasing success, an aggregative marketplace of companies in the mechanical sector, which over time has expanded reaching northern and central Italy.

Supplier Offered has always been able to interpret the needs of companies in the supply chain, proposing annually new solutions for the development of profitable commercial relationships and, at the same time, has facilitated and favored the sharing of information and tools useful for the growth of the company business among the participants in the ‘initiative.

Over the years, the relationship between subcontractors and producers of goods for the supply chain has been refined and strengthened, in which the concept of “competence” has been able to assert itself regardless of the typical processes of companies, and corporate “know-how” has become the fulcrum of research by operators visiting Provider Offered.

In recent years, the initiative has proved to be a valid and effective tool for addressing the negative economic situation that has hit the markets.

Also for 2022 we will be present at the Supplier Offerings Fair with an innovative stand that will exceed all your expectations. Stay tuned