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Since 1979

Gnocchi is a renowned company specialized in precision grinding that operates on the national and international territory.




The company founded by Mario Gnocchi has been operating in the engineering sector since 1979.

From the initial production of rollers for bearings and cylindrical pins, with the entry of his son Giorgio, the company specializes not only in construction, but also in precision grinding.

Thanks to the dynamic and brilliant working example of the owners and a team spirit that allows all operators to feel part of a strong and ambitious company project, in 1984 the C.R. sas proceeds after several years of experience in traditional processing, to the processing of multiple diameters at the same time and in 2001, accepts the challenge of the market by inserting numerical control grinding in its fleet of machines.

The experience gained over the years means that our customers (currently developed for the most part in Italy) turn to us to solve problems that require highly complex and precise machining.




Efficient and effective, making use of qualified employees who have grown up with the company, it contributes to enriching a truly valuable wealth of ideas, structures and technology and guarantees continuity and precision in supplies.


Our production is developed for the shaft sector, for electric motors, for the automotive sector and for the various mechanical sectors: pneumatics, textiles, plumbing, paper, oil, etc. etc.

We carry out high-precision machining with complex geometries.

  • Grinding of steel shafts and bars with complex shapes and keyways: from Ø 1.5 up to Ø 250, max. 1300.
  • External grinding of springs, Teflon and plastic materials in general.

Foto storica del fondatore Mario Gnocchi